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Experienced Illustrator of big variety and flexibility. Mostly applying digital tools. Specialized in contemporary vector graphics ( stylish, reduced) and lifestyle / pop-illustrations. Big range of skills and styles varying from photorealism and layout/Storyboard-illustrations to cartoon,- comic-, childrens books-illustrations and typography / graphic-design. Languages: deutsch, english, français

Jens Rotzsche, born 1965 in Hannoversch Münden, (lower Saxony, western Germany) skipped art studies for an apprenticeship as theatre Painter in the Staatstheater of Kassel, Germany in 1983. After several years of practise, he mastered almost all painting and sculpting techniques, but had grown out of this job, that had provided him with a safe artistic and technical foundation and various skills. By 1992, his ambitions drove him to more independent work. In the following years, he explored graphic design, Computer animation, and comercial illustration. Ever since, he makes his living out of these disciplines. Also gifted with languages, and a great, almost universal curiosity, he did intense and extended travels through western Europe, the USA and the USSR (when it still existed).
Since 1996 creation of transparent light objects out of his illustrations and Objects trouvées and contribution to the club - and music scene of the Rhein/Main-area as designer of flyers and album covers. In August 2001, Stage design for the drama „God is a DJ“ by Falk Richter, a production of the„Theaterlabor Darmstadt“.
When he lived in Berlin from 2001 to 2004, he exhibited his work in several Galleries. In 2004 he moved with his familly ( whife and three children) to the idyllic countryside of the Odenwald (40 km south of Frankfurt).